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Do Guinea Pigs Bite and What Can I Do to Stop Further Bites?

Guinea pigs may be docile animals, but they can bite at times. You may be taken aback the first time the animal bites you.

Your thoughts would be that your cavy friend is becoming rabid – but that is far from the truth.

Guinea pigs rarely bite, but when they do, it is for a reason. So, in this article, you are going to find out just why your guinea pig may bite.

You will also learn more about the extent of the bite and the steps you can take to stop your guinea pig from biting you again.

Why Does My Guinea Pig Bite Me in the First Place?

So, why would your guinea pig bite you in the first place? Isn’t the animal meant to be docile and be your best friend?

Well, here are some of the reasons why your docile cavy would likely bite you:

  • Your guinea pig will likely bite you if it needs to use the restroom. It does this so that it wouldn’t urinate on you.
  • Guinea pigs also bite when they are under threat. Therefore, using the teeth is the best line of defense.
  • Staying in a noisy environment can make your guinea pig uncomfortable. It would then resort to biting so you will let it go for exploration.
  • Also, guinea pigs don’t like to be held much because they would become irritated. Biting is also common in this case.
  • Your guinea pig may also bite you if you smell like the food it likes. This is common when you must have handled some of that food before touching your guinea pig.
  • Guinea pigs also nibble or bite the owners when the pet is feeling unwell.
  • Your guinea pig may also develop discomfort or pain when running around. In that case, it wouldn’t hesitate to bite you if you try to hold it.

What does it mean if My Guinea Pig Attempts to Bite Me?

Your guinea pig recently started to bite you and you are not sure what the problem might be.

Well, the most common reason why you will be bitten by your guinea pig is that you didn’t take note of the communication. Ideally, guinea pigs use bites as a way to communicate with the owners.

The most common need for that communication is when your guinea pig needs to urinate.

It is also possible for the pet to bite you when it is feeling unwell, especially when the pet is disturbed by parasites and mites.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite Hard – and How Hard?

You may have ignored or overlooked the first nibbling by your guinea pig. However, you need to take things seriously when the pet bites you so hard.

Your guinea pig can bite your hard for many reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • The pet tends to bite you harder when you try to separate it from a fight with another guinea pig.
  • The hard bite could also be an act of revenge for your ignorance when the pet was feeling unwell.
  • You will get bitten hard by your guinea pig when the pet is in a defensive position. This means that the pet will bite you hard when you try to make it do things it didn’t want to do, such as taking it for a walk and trying to force it out of its shelter.
  • Guinea pigs also bite hard when they are in a bad mood.

How Can I Stop My Guinea Pig from Biting Me?

Now, let us look for the best ways to prevent further bites from your guinea pig. Here are a few suggestions to keep you safe:

  • Always allow your guinea pig to explore, such as allowing it to run around in the yard.
  • Always clean your hand after eating.
  • Make your guinea pig feel secure around you by handling it with care. You should consider using a towel or any other cloth to pick up the pet.
  • Avoid using perfumes around your guinea pig because that could trigger reactions that could lead to a bite.
  • As a last resort, consider buying another guinea pig so that the new pet can give your current guinea pig company.

Do Guinea Pigs Bite and Fight Each Other?

Guinea pigs may be one of the docile animals you know, but they also have the disposition to fight with other guinea pigs.

Sometimes, guinea pigs will feel threatened by the presence of each other. Some of the reasons for the aggressiveness and possible cause of injury to each other include:

  • Lack of Adequate Space: Guinea pigs like to have enough space to play.
  • Asserting Dominance: Your guinea pigs may also be trying to laying claims to something.
  • Hunger
  • Boredom
  • Poor pairing

Is a Guinea Pig Bite Dangerous to My Health?

Firstly, bites from guinea pigs can lead to lots of bleeding on the affected part, especially when the pet bites you so hard.

Secondly, you may need to take tetanus shots and antibiotics if the bleeding is too much.

However, bites from guinea pigs do not pose any immediate danger, because they are not wild animals.

The only concern you should have is the transmission of certain diseases. Some of these diseases are:

  • Tetanus
  • Pasteurellosis
  • Rabies
  • Tularemia

What Should I do after My Guinea Pig bites me?

Here are some of the preventive measures you should take immediately after your guinea pig bites you:

  • Cleanse the wound with some cold and clean water. You can also use antibacterial soap to do that.
  • Apply some antibiotics over the wound.
  • Dress the wound by applying some ointment and bandage over it.
  • Take tetanus shots to prevent the bacterial toxins from entering your body.
  • After a day or two, remove the applied bandage.
  • Now, watch out for symptoms of infection, such as loss of sensation on the part you were bitten, inflammation and formation of pus.
  • If you notice any of those symptoms, it is a sign that you are infected. So, visit a doctor so that you can be properly treated.


Guinea pigs make excellent pets. You just want to be a little bit more careful around them so you don’t scare them away or make them uncomfortable enough to bite you.

You should also consider giving the pet some free time and enlarging the cage so it can have some time to itself.

Above all, keep a safe distance if you notice your guinea pig is not in a good mood, and try to take your guinea pig to a vet frequently for medical checks.

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