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A slice of juicy watermelon is a perfect snack for hot summer days. You’d love to offer a bite of your sweet watermelon treat to your little bunny, wouldn’t you?  But, can rabbits eat watermelon? Well, let’s find out!

Before you serve this delicious treat, you must learn about the nutritional benefits and health concerns. In this article, we have detailed whether you can share your watermelon slices with your pocket pet.

Keep reading to learn all about feeding watermelon to bunnies. In addition to the benefits and risks, we have discussed the recommended frequency and portion sizes of this delicious meal.

Can Bunnies Eat Watermelon?

The short answer to your question is YES. You may offer some of those delicious watermelons to your bunnies. They will have it and love it too! Don’t get too excited and serve them too much of the fruit.

It is okay to offer some watermelon chunks to adult rabbits with a fully functioning digestive system. However, we do not recommend this sugary snack for baby bunnies.

While feeding adult rabbits, pet owners must pay close attention to the right amount and the way of feeding watermelons to rabbits. For, overfeeding can lead to fatal complications. Continue reading to learn how to treat your rabbits without disrupting their digestion.

Health Benefits of Watermelon for Rabbits

Before we discuss the right quantity and way of serving watermelon to rabbits, let’s discuss the health benefits of a watermelon. As you may have guessed, watermelons mainly consist of water. This high water content will surely help your bunnies beat the summer heat.

Moreover, this tasty fruit provides vitamins C, A, and Magnesium – all of which add to the pet’s wellbeing. Vitamin A helps improve a rabbit’s immune system.

What’s more? Choline, also found in the fruit, enhances muscle functions and sleep. So, all-in-all the benefits make it seem like it’s a great idea to include watermelon in the pet’s diet. 

Medical Concerns of Rabbits Eating Watermelon

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should open an all-you-can-eat watermelon buffet for your bunnies. There are medical concerns associated with giving too much watermelon to rabbits. The fruit has very high sugar content.

Even though the sugar can be easily broken down in the human body, our rabbit friends have a hard time digesting watermelon. So, before you rush and slice some watermelons up, it is important to learn about the medical concerns.

Your pet’s digestive tract will suffer if a large quantity of watermelon is consumed. A few slices are fine though. The sugar will pass through the animal’s stools.

However, too much watermelon can have a serious laxative effect. Loss of appetite, gastric, diarrhea, loose stools – the consequences may vary.

Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon Rind and Seeds?

Now that you’ve added a small amount of watermelon to the menu, are you wondering what to do with the rind and seeds?

Watermelon rind comprises of more fiber than sugar. So, can rabbits eat watermelon rind? Yes! You can totally offer the rind to the bunnies. In fact, thanks to its low sugar content, the rind is much healthier than watermelon flesh. To ensure easy digestion, be sure the outer layer is not too thick.

Your pet would love to chew on a watermelon rind. Not only do rabbits enjoy the taste, but they also find it quite amusing. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about watermelon seeds.

Feeding seeded watermelons to these small animals is not a good idea. The seeds can block their intestinal tract, thus preventing them from passing stool. On top of that, the hard and slippery seeds are a potential hazard. So, it is best to avoid seeded watermelons.

Best Way to Feed Watermelon to a Rabbit

When you do choose to feed watermelon to a bunny, make sure the fruit is fresh, and not wilted. Keep in mind, feeding unripe watermelon to rabbits is much better than a wilted one.

You can cut the fruit into small bite-sized pieces. Chop it into small cubes to help your pet eat it easily without making a mess.

Sure, they can take bites from a bigger slice, but that will result in a sugar-drenched bunny. Everyone knows how traumatizing baths are for rabbits so it is best that we try to avoid that situation.

How Much Watermelon Can a Rabbit Eat?

Just because rabbits can eat watermelon doesn’t mean that they can eat all the watermelon they want. You cannot replace grains or a meal with watermelon. Instead, consider offering watermelon as a lucrative reward or treat for your bunny.

So, do not give watermelon to your rabbit every day.

In general, a fruit should only comprise10% or less of a rabbit’s diet. Delegating sweet treats correctly is essential if you want to ensure proper nutrition for your pet.

Excessive amounts of sweet food can alter the bacterial equilibrium in a rabbit’s intestinal tract. So, rabbits should eat watermelon in moderation. 

The ideal serving size for rabbits is one tablespoon watermelon for every two pounds   of a rabbit’s body weight. Note that the maximum serving size should not be more than a 2-inch X 2-inch cube.

How Often Can a Rabbit Eat Watermelon?

If your pet is eating watermelon for the first time, give a very small portion. Then, wait a day before giving him anymore. Check how the animal reacts and also assess the texture and color of his stool. This way you can find out about any intolerance to the fruit.

Even after you rule out intolerances, only feed your rabbit watermelon in moderation. We suggest that you feed him not more than one or two servings of watermelon each week.

Feeding the treat too often can develop a sweet tooth. This can mislead the rabbit into thinking he will always get it and refuse to eat other items.

Can Bunnies Drink Watermelon Juice?

Watermelon juice has a significantly higher amount of sugar compared to the fruit. Understandably, so much sugar intake is not good for your rabbit. Without a doubt, the juice is delicious. Rabbits will gulp down watermelon juice in minutes but the aftermath will be terrible.

Their body will fail to process the sugar – leading to diarrhea. That’s not all. High sugar levels in watermelon juice can also lead to more long-term concerns such as obesity. So, do not serve watermelon juice to bunnies.

Risks of Serving Watermelon to Rabbits

Now you know how to safely offer watermelon to rabbits. If you fail to give the wrong quantity, the sweet treat can lead to a risky situation. Most bunnies will happily dig into the watermelon you give but if you give too much or too often, they will suffer consequences.

From bloating to upset stomach to death – excess watermelon can lead to a rather traumatic experience for both you and your pocket pet.

Furthermore, too much watermelon intake can cause problems like electrolyte imbalance or dehydration. So, you may end up at a veterinary clinic for feeding watermelons to your pet.

What are Some Other Alternatives of Watermelon for Rabbits

Even though rabbits can eat watermelon, you don’t necessarily have to feed your rabbit watermelons. Watermelon consumption will offer great hydration but rabbits can definitely go without eating watermelons.

Their regular meals including pellets, hay, and water will keep rabbits hydrated. Bunnies also love chewing on leafy greens and root vegetables such as carrots. If you insist on pampering your pet with a special treat, you may consider feeding tomatoes to your rabbit.

Alternatively, you can serve zucchini as a snack. Rich in nutrients, zucchini can provide extra vitamins and minerals to the rabbit.

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