Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries? All You Need To Know

Furry cute little faces, floppy ears, bright eyes, and cuddling whiskers are a few features that may come to your mind when you talk about rabbits.

Not only their cuteness, but their love for snacks and their habit of nibbling their food are other cute little things that may tempt you to have one at home. 

And not to forget the carrots and rabbit tales! But it’s not just the carrots; rabbits love strawberries too. But, can rabbits eat strawberries? 

Are they safe to eat? Seeing those bright little red eyes demanding fruity snacks may compel you to feed them whatever they demand.

But wait! Everything that is healthy for humans may not be the same for your timid babies. 

So here we pen down a few things that every bunny parent should know to let their furry babies have a strawberry treat without risking their health:

Can rabbits eat strawberries?

Strawberries and rabbits are simply inseparable. Want to see how?

Just try landing your furry buddies at a strawberry farm and see how these creatures leave no stone unturned to stuff them up with a gala strawberry supper. 

Rabbits are fond of strawberries. If these animals could speak and you would have asked them what the best food they like is, you would have always got the answer as ‘strawberries.’

They can surely have it but in moderation else it can invite some unwanted health troubles.

Health Benefits of strawberries

There are numerous health benefits associated with rabbits consuming strawberries; here are a few of them:

Reducing inflammation

This may sound a bit surprising, but yes, strawberries constitute anti-inflammatory elements that aid in lowering down inflammation caused in the body.

These antioxidants are capable of attaching and suppressing the inflammation-causing radicals and thus provide relief from inflammation.

Have fibrous content

Strawberries are fibrous power-packed fruits that can help in maintaining the gastrointestinal health of rabbits. They also help in digestion and thus prove to be a healthy diet supplement.

Vitamin sources

Strawberries are a great source of vitamins. Vitamin B9, Vitamin C, all such essential vitamins are present in strawberries that can help in strengthening the immune system of a rabbit.

Further, it can also prevent bunnies from falling sick often and helps keep them safe and healthy. 

Magnesium content

Strawberries also have magnesium content that aid in the development of bladder sludge.

Bladder sludge causes the urine of the rabbits to thicken with calcium salts that prevents kidney stones.

Medical concerns of strawberries for rabbits

Can rabbits be fed with strawberries without fearing any health concerns? 

Strawberries are non-toxic and have nutritional content but overfeeding your rabbits with strawberries can pose some serious health concerns such as weight problems, gastrointestinal issues, etc. 

Thus it should always be given in limitation. Also, it should be ensured that the strawberries are adequately washed and inspected for any parasites as they can prove to be detrimental for your playful and naughty bunnies.

Is it safe for rabbits to eat a strawberry plant, leaves, or seeds?

Rabbits are core herbivores; hence it is not something shocking if you find them nibbling a strawberry plant, its leaves, or the fruit.

Eating the leafy strawberry plant is safe for your rabbits and thus there is no harm if your cute little pets consumes the plants and leaves of a strawberry tree.

Can dry strawberries be fed to bunnies?

This is another popular query that pops up in the minds of people who have pet rabbits. The answer is yes; these timid little softy creatures can be fed with dried strawberries. 

But again, the feeding should be in moderation. You cannot allow your bunnies to help themselves with four or five strawberries a day; one dried strawberry is more than enough.

Can strawberry jam be given to rabbits?

Strawberry jam can be fed to the white cottontails, but this should be an occasional treat.

In no case should bunny parents make it a regular habit because strawberry jam is rich in sugar content and can affect the health and teeth of your rabbits.

Things to take care of while feeding strawberries to a rabbit

The first and foremost thing that goes into feeding strawberries to rabbits is getting good quality strawberries for feeding them.

Next, inspect the ripeness and wash the strawberries thoroughly to ensure that you are giving them a healthy diet. 

Further, talking in terms of how to feed them strawberries, you can consider chopping or slicing the berries into small chunks so that your rabbits can easily nibble them.

Cooked strawberries-Can rabbits eat them?

Rabbits can eat strawberries but not the cooked ones.

Despite all the temptations and liking for strawberries, do not feed your cuties with cooked strawberries as they get their nutrients from raw food sources, and their stomach does not have the ability of handling cooked food.

How many strawberries should be fed to your rabbits at a time?

Too many strawberries can result in digestive distress; hence such fruits should only constitute 10 to15% of your cute little fur ball’s diet.

Precisely one or two strawberries a day is more than enough for your little white cotton balls. One can also consider taking a look at their bunny’s size for feeding them strawberries. 

How often strawberries can be fed in a week?

Strawberries should be fed in moderation, and thus a medium-sized strawberry can be fed to the cute little whiskered faces twice a week.

Your rabbits may demand more, but you should limit the feeding as it has high sugar content, and your rabbit may also stop eating their hay in exchange for a daily strawberry diet. 

Does eating strawberries pose a risk for rabbits?

Rabbits love to eat strawberries as those pink colored wonder fruits tend to tempt them to take a hop and gobble any strawberry traces that they find in their way. 

But eating too many strawberries can be risky as it can raise various health concerns such as dental problems, diarrhea, uneaten cecotropes, gastrointestinal stasis, etc.

In some cases, a regular strawberry diet can also cause obesity in rabbits.

What fruits can be fed in place of strawberries?

Strawberries are a fruit that rabbits deeply love, and they may show all their tantrums and cuteness to melt the hearts of their masters.

But do not fall for such overloaded cuteness and playfulness as too much strawberry diet can pose health risks for your little bunny. 

Instead, you can consider feeding them alternatives like melon, banana, blueberries, pears, blackberries, apple without seeds, peach, papaya, and nectarine in place of strawberries.


We hope we have cleared the air about can rabbits eat strawberries and associated questions that may be cooking up in the minds of rabbit owners.

Rabbits can indeed be fed with this pink fruit. But moderation is the key to keep them healthy and safe. 

Thus let your naughty little playful critters have their favorite snacks by feeding them strawberries as a reward or treat to keep their health concerns in place.

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