Can Rabbits eat broccoli? – 11 Questions and Answers


Rabbits are animals that can consume vegetables. Fresh foods make up an important part of a rabbit’s diet. Fresh foods provide additional nutrients as well as more moisture in the diet which helps ensure good kidney and bladder function.

There is a wide variety of plant materials which rabbits can consume some of which includes Leafy greens (such as parsley, spinach, mustard greens, radish tops), Non-leafy greens (such as carrots, celery, brussels sprouts, broccolini, bell peppers, cabbage), Fruits (such as, apple, pear, peach, papaya, kiwi, berries).

We all know that broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that is known for its beneficial health effects for both humans and animals. However, can rabbits eat broccoli?

Can Rabbits consume broccoli?

The answer is yes! Rabbits can eat broccoli but with some precaution. As we stated earlier, broccoli is a very healthy vegetable because of its high nutrient contents.

Broccoli contains nutrients that serve as a good source of fibre and vitamins. More often, people get worried that the fact that broccoli causes gastrointestinal (GI) gas in people may also cause the same reaction in rabbits.

Not to worry, you are about to learn all the ins and outs of feeding rabbits broccoli.

Let’s take a look at how you can safely feed your rabbits broccoli without the fear of causing any harm to it.

Can Bunnies eat broccoli?

Absolutely! The word ”bunnies” has been used interchangeably with ”rabbits”. Over time, most people have come to refer to baby rabbits as a “bunny” when in fact, a baby rabbit is called a kitten.

We can only guess that most people prefer to call baby rabbits a ”bunny” because the name connotes something small, cute and fuzzy.

Therefore, if a rabbit can eat broccoli, a bunny can also eat broccoli. However, you have to be careful about how you feed broccoli to bunnies because their digestive systems may still be developing.

What are the health benefits of broccoli?

Rabbits are herbivores. Therefore they depend on a plant-based diet for their nutrients.

Broccoli is a very popular vegetable known for its high nutrients which include vitamin A, which prevents eyesight problems; vitamin C which is great for healing lesions; Sulforaphane which has shown to treat issues related to high blood pressure in rabbits, and many other nutrients like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and B6 calcium.

As healthy as broccoli might seem, one has to be particularly careful about how they feed it to rabbits, and here’s why.

What are the medical concerns of broccoli for rabbits?

Although broccoli is known for being a high source of fibre and vitamins, it can also be a dangerous vegetable for rabbits to consume.

This is because broccoli is known to cause gastrointestinal (GI) gas and abdominal discomfort in rabbits which can be dangerous and in some cases, deadly for the rabbit.

Can rabbits eat broccoli leaves, stalks, stems, plants?

Rabbits can eat broccoli stems and also eat broccoli plants. However, broccoli stems have shown to cause more gas in rabbits than broccoli leaves because it is the most fibrous part of the broccoli. Broccoli leaves are actually for rabbits in comparison to stalks.

How can you safely feed broccoli to a rabbit?

Some rabbits are more sensitive to consuming broccoli than others. Therefore, the first step is to introduce a small amount of broccoli into the rabbit’s diet and observe how the rabbit reacts to it and how it tolerates it.

If you notice that the rabbit shows any sign of discomfort such as been bloated and hunched up or if you hear gurgling sounds coming from their tummy, then that’s a sign that broccoli is not a suitable vegetable for it.

In a situation whereby you notice that the rabbit doesn’t have an adverse reaction to eating broccoli then you can slowly introduce it to its diet by feeding it one tablespoon of broccoli.

You also shouldn’t feed your rabbit only broccoli, always ensure you mix it with other types of vegetables.

Is it safe for rabbits to eat cooked broccoli?

It is widely known that some raw vegetables have more nutrients than cooked broccoli.

Although cooked broccoli is not recommended for rabbits, it is safe to feed rabbits cooked broccoli. But cooked broccoli has fewer nutrients and is less crunchy.

How much broccoli can a rabbit consume?

It is always safer to start feeding broccoli to rabbits with a small serving. Once you have noticed no adverse effects, you can start feeding your rabbit a tablespoon of broccoli once or two times a week.

Most importantly, remember that it is important that you always include other vegetables in a rabbit’s diet by trying a mix of vegetables.

How often can rabbits/bunnies eat broccoli?

Rabbits can consume small amounts of broccoli once or twice a week.

What are the risks of broccoli for rabbits?

Although broccoli has many healthy and nutritional effects, it also comes with risks if it isn’t consumed in moderation. Broccoli can cause an array of side effects in rabbits and one of which is “gas”.

Excess consumption of broccoli can cause gas and this can lead to stabbing pains, a loss of appetite and also runny stools. Other side effects include short term digestive issues and long term immune problems.

This can be a result of the sugar content in broccoli. Its high water content can also lead to diarrhea which is caused by the combination of excess water and sugar (which is in broccoli).

What alternatives can replace broccoli for rabbits?

You may be getting worried that you might make mistakes and hurt your rabbit because of the precautions that come with feeding your rabbit broccoli.

Not to worry, there are alternatives that you can use to easily replace broccoli. Some of these alternatives include Cilantro, Red or Green Kale, Spinach, Celery, Brussel sprouts, bell peppers, Endive, etc.

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